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VonShef Professional Powerful Wide Mouth Whole Fruit Juicer 700W

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VonShef Professional Fruit Juicer Review

According to the CDC, only one person out of every ten gets the right amount of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Most people, especially kids, don’t because they simply don’t like the taste of some fruits and vegetables.

Other people believe they don’t have time or they just don’t know how to get in the daily recommended value. Since you need fruits and vegetables for their vitamin and mineral content as well as the antioxidants they have, it’s best to find a way to add them to your diet.

The best and easiest way is to use the help of a juicer like the VonShef Wide Mouth one. Because of the wide mouth, you can use it for a variety of fruits and vegetables and you won’t have to spend time cutting the foods up into smaller chunks.

This is a centrifugal juicer and it has a stellar reputation and has been chosen by many to be one of the top juicers you can buy today. Not only can juicing ensure that you get the right amount of fruits and vegetables, but it’s a great way to shed fat, too.

You’ll end up healthier and in better shape thanks to using a juicer. This model is made of stainless steel so it’s long lasting and won’t rust. It’s also designed to make a great addition in any kitchen thanks to the design.

Out of all the juicers on the market, this one has a huge pulp container. At 70 ounces, this container can hold a lot more pulp which means you won’t be dealing with an overflow.

The machine has a 700 watt motor that’s long lasting. It’s also quiet despite its power which is something that consumers appreciate about the model. This motor works to power the blades that enable it to get the most juice possible from the fruits and vegetables that you place into the machine.

As the foods go through the cycle, the pulp is pushed out and kept from juices thanks to the tough mesh filter that keeps the juices pulp free. You can choose whether to use two different rpms.

It has the option of letting you use 14000 or 18000 which can be used for either fruit or vegetables. The machine does have parts that can be taken off and washed in the dishwasher.

It comes with a cleaning brush so that you can remove any residual pieces of the foods that you juice. The machine has a safety feature that won’t let it operate if it’s not reassembled the right way.

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