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Breville Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

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Breville 850-Watt Juice Extractor Review

If you’re looking to get fruit juice with all the nutrients contained in the fruits and vegetables, it’s better to juice them yourself rather than buy them. It’s not hard to do that with a good juicer at hand.

One popular juicer that you can buy is the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus. With this model, you can extract juice from hard as well as the soft fruits such as apples, cantaloupes and beets.

This juicer has a low speed for you to use for juicing the softer fruits at 6500 rpm. You would use the highest speed choice for the tougher fruits and that speed runs at 12,000 rmp.

If you’re not sure which one to use for the leafy green vegetables, it’s always best to choose the lower speed for these. This machine does transfers a minimal amount of heat when you’re juicing the fruit.

But what this does is to allow for better nutrient absorption. Plus, it protects the enzymes in your fruits and vegetables to give you the most nutrients possible. This model has a pretty big food chute at three inches so you won’t have to spend extra time in the kitchen cutting up the food items into smaller pieces before putting them into the machine.

Even if you want to use a recipe that calls for pineapples, you can put this in the tube in the bigger chunks including with the rinds if you desire. The machine’s ability to get the most juice is found in part thanks to the dual knives in the center as well as a stabilizing knife it has.

You won’t have to worry about packing in too much food because this machine has an LED warning that will let you know when you’re starting to overload it. This warning also appears if the machine believes it’s overheating.

If this happens, the juicer will shut itself down to prevent overheating or overloading. This is a great safety feature. It also comes with other safety features such as a locking arm, which not only cuts down on messiness, but also prevents little children from hurting themselves on the interior of the juicer.

The locking arm keeps the machine from operating unless it’s locked into place. The juicer includes a one liter jug that comes with a froth separator, a cleaning brush and filter basket.

It also comes with a large capacity pulp container to filter out pulp from even large fruits. The pulp container has an integrated handle for easy cleaning. This juicer has a stainless steel micromesh filter and cutting dish.

Its polymer exterior is heavy duty and the juicer is small enough so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the kitchen. It has cord storage that allows you to wrap the cord around the feet of the machine and clip it to save on counter space.

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